Isfahan Rolling Form Research Production Company namira (Sabghatollahi)

The R&D unit of Isfahan Form Noord Company is ready to design and manufacture hot and cold rolling types and special rolling types to improve the mechanical properties of the product and create different forms and threads.

Sabgat Elahi Machinery (Isfahan Rolling Form Company) has been designing and producing industrial machinery under the Namira brand since 1372 in order to localize advanced technologies. In this field and with the cooperation of the country’s elite experts, this industrial unit has succeeded in obtaining a patent certificate for the production of thread rolling machines. By replacing the rolling method instead of the traditional method of thread creation, we have rendered a valuable service to the entrepreneurs of the industry, and with this action, our Islamic country has joined the Jirga of the owners of this technology.

This complex was registered in 2009 under the name of Nurdasfahan Form Research Production Company and is currently operating in Isfahan Scientific Research Town as a knowledge-based company.

The senior managers of Isfahan Form Noord Company have always been able to establish a dynamic, knowledge-oriented and specialist-oriented collection by providing a suitable platform for research and development and active participation in specialized exhibitions. Purposefully, in line with the country’s vision and this industrial unit, we can take a step, however small, in creating employment and upgrading the industry of our beloved country.