Rolling machine for gas and water pipes



a. Rolling machine for 1/2 thru 1 inch NAMIRA 4-2 pipes b. Rolling machine for 1 thru 2 inch NAMIRA 400 pipes c. Rolling machine for 2 1/2 thru 4 inch NAMIRA 500 pipes This is machine is manufactured in three types of manual , semi-automatic and automatic. All the three above models can be used with the C60-C30-C20 hydraulic groups that is a samp;e of the semi-automatic machine . since these groups perform the task of taking the pipe with the Colette, therefore the pipes never become oval (something that occurs with the two systems and the three systems)and closed and threading tasks with an accelerated speed (automatically). By using the above mechanisms, even a pipe with a 3.5 cm length can be threaded. In the automatic mode, using a hydraulic cutting saw and rolling, the threading task is done in a machine. Due to the high quality of threading and the angle precision without the need of sealing materials (adhesives , Teflon, tube paste )its

seals to a standard level.