Machine for milling construction Bolts(Namira-20)



This machine is available in tow 20-36 models ( mill construction bolts with 14 thru 36mm diameter) and 20-50 model ( to mill construction bolts with 14 thru 50 mm diameter). Since the work piece (bolt) and the tools rotation is stable , it has a high capability in milling construction bolts with long lengths and high precisin.
Liner guid way Hydraulic clamp system Equipped with PLC central control system in order to control the speed, mode and optimizing the devices operations
The touch monitor (HMI) helps the operator to easily enter the speed and mode and also the times .
Area sensor (Digital Ruler ) : by installing the area sensor , there is no need for different microswitches and the support mode can be precisely determined.
Inverter (Engine speed control ): using an appropriate speed control in this specific application has led to the electricity consumption to be reduced up to 30% Remote flaw detector system can be installed upon the customers request.