Vision and mission


form navard company Outlook

Success in domestic and international markets of thread-making machineries industry as a leading company in quality, economic manufacturing technology and stable development

Long-term Objectives

* Organizational Resources (Human Resources development processes)

* Optimizing the employees’ capabilities through effective training and enhancing organizational belongingness in the form of customer-centered organizational structure

Customers (Sales and Marketing Processes) 

* Considering current and future needs, developing facilities and constant and friendly communication, increasing technical and commercial knowledge and customer satisfaction

* Business partners (procurement processes)

* Planning for on-time, high quality and economic supply of the necessary material, services and equipment by cooperating with capable providers

Manufacturing and Related Processes

* Continuous planning, monitoring and optimizing of all activities and eliminating activities without added value

Resources (Economic and Financial Processes)

* Effective control over costs, and providing and achieving new financial resources and optimized dedication of them in order to accomplish objectives

Technology and Development (Related Processes)

* Achieving updated technology in software and hardware dimensions by recognizing competitors and a outlook to the future

Innovation and Learning

Knowledge Management and Establishing a creative and learning Company

Social Responsibilities  

* Presenting the company’s image in the society as a job-creating, quality-oriented and trustworthy by enhancing performance indices

Short-term Objectives

Providing the need for thread and related machineries in different industries such as construction, car manufacture, gas and oil industries and promoting quality and economic manufacturing  


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Saturday 13 August 2022

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