Rolling method in brief

Introducing the Rolling Method

In the rolling method, no kind chip removal from the work part surface is done. During the cold forming process, the desired threading is done by creating an uniform pressure through forming rollers. In producing thread through the typical milling machines, a rupture is created in the metals’ weave, which this matter will bring along high time and energy consumption and reduction in the quality of products. While, through Namira rolling machines with using simple work force instead of expert and skilled work force and expensive instruments, we can manufacture products with higher quality and productivity in less time.

Namira rolling machines are designed and manufactured in three types of manual, semi-automatic and automatic that have the ability to manufacture all kinds of threads over different metal surfaces in a variety of dimensions and sizes, which this will be possible by changing the forming rollers.

The senior directors of the Sebghatollahi manufacturing company, by creating an appropriate context in the matter of research and development, and actively participating in specialty exhibitions, have been able to establish a dynamic, knowledge-focused and specialization-oriented complex through presenting unique designs and products. It is hoped that by constant and purposive action in path of national outlooks and this industrial unit, we could take a step in job-creation and industrializing our country 


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Saturday 13 August 2022

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